Hello MDynamics enables organisations to reach out to their customers by delivering interactive,
personable, reliable and secure marketing campaigns in real-time across multiple communications channels such as
SMS, Email, Mobile Push, and Social Networks from one single platform.

Why Hello MDynamics

With its ease of use in interacting with customers across multiple channels of communication,
businesses have been taking advantage of Hello MDynamics to differentiate their customer
experience; building upon a proven track record of successful campaigns and innovating on novel
approaches with new campaigns to gain significant returns through:

  • Increasing revenues
    with efective acquisition
    of new customers

  • Retaining revenues
    by cultivating loyalty to
    existing customers

  • Expanding revenues
    by upselling and cross-selling
    products and services

Recognised by businesses for producing tangible results through the management of two-way
multi-channel communications with customers on their preferred channels, organisations have been
using Hello MDynamics to build customer relationships in ways that were not possible before.

Delivery Management

To ensure the reliable delivery of information via multiple delivery mediums,
MDynamics has a pre-built connector to Hello Technology’s Hello Gateway.
Some of Hello Gateway’s delivery capabilities include:

  • Multi-channel
  • Proven, reliable dispatching of messages through SMS, Push, Voice (IVR), Email, Paging and Fax

  • Seamless upgrade to future enhancements such as Instant Messaging, Animations, MMS, Data and Video Streaming

  • Email formats supported includes text, html or hybrid

  • Support for Direct & Cross-Border Messaging
  • IDA-authorized Service-Based Operator (SBO)

  • Direct and reliable connectivity to local telecom carriers – not via foreign carriers

  • Messages can be delivered to most countries in the World)