Protect your brand and reputation with SpoofCheckTM.
SpoofCheckTM mitigates spoofing attacks, allowing recipients to perform message authentication
using anti-spoofing technology that includes forged sender identity detection and message
content modification detection.

Protect Your Brand and Reputation

In recent years, we have been seeing more of our customers deal with SMS-initiated spoofing and phishing.
From the capabilities we gained in supporting attacked organisations, we have developed a suite of
solutions called SpoofCheckTM to protect the organisation.

  • Sender Verification

    Determines the legitimacy of the sender

  • Message Integrity

    Validates that the message has not been altered

  • Mismatched Message Detection

    Checks message delivery details against
    valid broadcasts

Why SpoofCheckTM

When a spoofing attack takes place, the brand and image that the organization has worked so hard to build can turn into a double-edged sword. If trust is lost, it is often difficult to win it back.

Our anti-spoofing technology in SpoofCheckTM helps provides peace of mind for government agencies, enterprises, and small businesses who want to provide trusted messaging communications across channels that include SMS, WhatsApp, email and more.

How does SpoofCheckTM work?

Organisations and businesses using SpoofCheckTM can inform their message recipients of a SMS number or a WhatsApp number that provides an automated authentication for messages received. The recipient does not have to call a hotline or wait. If the message is verified to be authentic, a reply with additional information can also be sent to further help confirm the authenticity.

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Do you need us to implement SpoofCheckTM for you, or use our technology to implement it yourself?
We are open to any implementation approach that you need. If we are your primary messaging provider,
we can host it and turn on SpoofCheckTM without any change to your systems.

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