Hello Gateway is a superhighway message delivery platform offered as part of Hello Technology’s Messaging Product Suite. Architected and built to provide organisations with a high-performing, reliable & secure delivery of real-time mission-critical information across channels, it is now used to send millions of messages daily. Some of its supported channels include; SMS, Email, Mobile App Push Messaging and Social Network Messaging platforms (Facebook Messenger, Tok-Tok!, Line, Telegram and WeChat).

Why Hello Gateway

For years, customers have chosen Hello Gateway for its ability to meet their stringent enterprise
messaging needs for with a highly-reliable and robust platform designed for real-time information
delivery. Some of these applications include

  • Large-scale high-speed emergency broadcasts

  • Real-time incident response

  • Rapid personnel mobilisation

  • Crisis co-ordination

  • Parcel tracking alerts

  • Field service management

  • Fraud management

  • Two-way marketing campaigns

  • Transaction alerts

  • One-time passwords

Hello Gateway has been crafted with minimal straight-through processing of information,
resulting in throughput that is large yet highly reliable. Directly deploying leased lines to Telco
Gateways, which serve as integrated connectors to social networks. Hello Gateway has built-in
enhanced routing, communications and signalling protocols to further boost its superhighway
capabilities. It also comes with additional features and redundant connectivity to meet stringent
business-continuity requirements, preventing wide area zonal disruption while providing high
availability using mutual-exclusive primary, secondary sites and recovery sites.

Extreme Reliability

Hello Gateway delivers mission-critical services for enterprises round-the-clock with a service availability of up to
99.95% (subscription dependent). It addresses reliability through three layers:

  • Pre-emptive Layer

    Critical early warning system for monitoring the health of the Hello Gateway servers.

  • Recovery Layer

    Contains task tracking, persistence and recovery mechanisms, ensuring recovery and continuous operations when interruptions are encountered during message delivery.

  • Redundancy Layer

    Addresses and manages recovery for message delivery failures at multiple points; across web applications, message controllers and communication resources

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